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"Why are you still single?" I always get this question. No offence to all you romantic lovers out there but I’m just not the mushy type no more. I have trust issues and as time passes by, I just feel like, no one can keep up with me. Srsly, I don’t need anyone to make me happy or somebody to validate me. I would rather live with my sneakers than be with someone who I will be obligated to share my time and my money with. No. I hella talked a lot with this pic of my shoes. hahaha #nike #Airmax90

"The queen of rap slayin w/ queen B. If you aint on a team, you playin for team D!" I’ve been repearting this shyt. Beyonce and Nicki Minaj slayed this Flawless Remix. I just died and came back to life. This shyt went too hard. Beyonce callin Nicki by her slave name, Onika. Yall know shit is about to get real. Hahhahaha. It’s a dream team right here. Ohh gaaahd. Yassss. #Beyonce
#NickiMinaj #YassBishh

sapusonimiyo asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers :) <3
  • I’m a very goal oriented person. Once I want something, I’ll work hard to get it. It’s always my way or my way only. haha.
  • I’m very open minded. I can get along with anybody as long as they are open minded too. :))
  • I love being able to do different things. I work as an I.T. Analyst yet I can still commit to my dance crew. I’m a very passionate person when it comes to work an dancing that’s why I can manage everything. 
  • I love myself so much. I can actually live alone forever. 
  • People would always say that I’m such an interesting character. I agree. I’m a rare specie. hahaha.
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